Friday, 12 June 2015

Save on Your Electricity Bills with Wall Insulation Only From NF Plastering

If you are planning to move into a new house, then make sure that you get your wall insulated before you move in. You can get your wall insulated for a number of reasons. Insulating homes is the utmost vital thing that increases heat efficiency of the home. An insulated home blocks the flow of heat to the outside and thus one save cost on electricity bill. With external wall insulation, you can save up to 30% of your cost of electricity bill yearly. Heating appliances consume lot of energy and if you insulate your wall, then you don’t have to spend much money on heating the home as insulated wall will block the transfer of heat. The amount of cost saves depends on the size and construction of the house. 

Apart from heat efficiency, wall insulation also protects the home for the growth of molds and other entities which are harmful to the structure of the building. A well insulated wall always holds a greater market value than a non insulated wall. It also protects the structure of wall from the natural elements of weather and thus elongates the life span of the home.
If you are looking for a reliable insulation contractor in Dublin that offers cost effective services, then you can rely on NF Plastering. The company is SEAI grant (sustainable energy authority of Ireland) and thus you can completely trust to them for residential or commercial wall insulation services.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Protect your building with Advance Insulation Solutions only From NF Plastering

Do you have to pay excessive electric bill and you are looking desperately to cut down the electrical charges?  Under such scenario wall insulation is the only option as this will help to cut down your electric cost to a larger extent. Wall insulation is a famous process in Dublin and other countries for saving heat energy and having a comfortable living. Bringing electric cost down is not the only purpose of wall insulation. It gives a host of other benefits that are utmost vital for any building. Wall insulation is a process where a layer is coated on the surface of the wall in order to protect it. Insulating walls also saves the building from the growth of moulds which is a very serious nuisance and it often damages the building to a greater extent. With a good quality wall insulation one can block the growth of any type of moulds and other microorganism.

Wall insulation also elevates the appearance of the building. It gives the wall a beautiful look which eventually enhances the beauty and overall value of the building in terms of price. But, in order to explore the benefits of wall insulation, it is utmost vital that you get the job done from a reputable insulation contractor Dublin. Availing insulation services from experienced companies like NF Plastering gives you peace of mind. They are a well known plasterer in Dublin and hold extreme expertise in this. They deploy most advance insulation technique and also use superlative quality a materials so that you get the best insulation solutions.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lucrative Advantages of Drylining Insulation

We at provide the most authentic plastering and wall insulation solution for our clients and if you are thinking to hire any wall insulation service provider then our Drylining Insulation Dublin services will be one of the most advantageous options for you. We are NSAI approved installer and by using our wall insulation services you will be giving your building a new facade with the colour and texture of your own choice. These insulation techniques are greatly beneficial and one of the major attractions of such systems is the requirement of short period to install and hence it saves a substantial amount of labor costs. In addition to this incorporation of such wall insulation against heat loss also saves substantial amount of energy costs too. Drylining offers an architecturally pleasant finish and it also provides 0 low risk fire rating.

Water permeability of drylining is quite low and hence it allows quick response to heating, therefore helps in saving energy. Different materials that are used in such insulation are also non-toxic or non-carcinogenic. It will be weatherproofing your property and it will also be responsible for sound proofing and air tightness of your house. For installing it will be fixed to the unfinished walls on wooden batons with the help of mechanical fasteners or dabs of plaster. One of the most interesting features of these insulation systems is that insulation can be comprise within the air gap in between wall and board finish. Drylining insulation will be greatly beneficial for you as it will reduce your heating bills by thirty to forty percent.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Get Economical Wall Insulation in Dublin with NF Plastering

It is really difficult to survive in the chilly and cold temperature of Dublin that drops to even to extreme minus degrees in winter. Under such condition having a comfortable home which has enough heating is the only way, but again, there is a constraint in this as heating the home with heating devices makes it more costly. You have to pay higher electricity bills. So why not have an alternate way which is not only economically but also environmentally friendly. You can keep your home warm and comfortable via installing external wall insulation in Dublin. External wall insulation keeps your home warm as this will reduce the heat lost via the fabric of the building which is used in insulation and in this way you can get a comfortable and warm home.

 Wall insulation in Dublin also provides a series of other benefits, apart from this, they make the walls of the building moulds free which generally occur on the surface of the building.  
If you are looking for a trustworthy company who works meticulously to provide you the wall insulation solutions then you can rely on NF Plastering. This company has acquired a cult status in the wall insulation bandwagon as provided only quality insulation services.